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100 Block Rock

The 100 Block of Hastings in Vancouver, BC, Canada - the stolen and unceded territories of the Coast Salish People - is as maligned as it is celebrated, loved as it is hated, envied as it is reviled. Anyone that has seen it has an opinion on the area. Often it's a visceral reaction. The typical is a predictable black and white verdict on a neighborhood; a community that many at best refuse to understand and at worst, vilify. It's an area that every politician, property owner, social worker, and police officer has an opinion on, yet, rarely do you hear the voices that come from within. 100 Block Rock features 11 tracks of mixed-genre music. From folk to punk and pop to funk. 100 Block Rock is the platform for people to speak for themselves.

You can find the record here:


A livestream and record release featuring musicians who played on the record, from Red Gates Art Society on December 11th, 2020. A link to the livestream is available here:

100 Block Rock - A Compilation of DTES Musicians

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