About Us

Overdoses are not slowing down and “no one is coming for us”.

Our work begins with culture and dignity.

We are a collection of people who use drugs and their allies, with the collective goal of establishing a safe supply for both opiate and stimulant users. Our primary goal is to provide a low barrier safe supply that is not medicalized and available to all. Secondarily, we are concerned with improving health outcomes from drug users across the province and country.

This problem is about prohibition and war – our goal is to change policy and create awareness. Knowledge has been stolen from drug users and then has been medicalized. The police plunder and steal from drug dealers and users.

While we seek partnerships with those that work with people who use drugs, we don’t want treatment or recovery without safe supply.

We want to humanize people who use drugs and drug dealers. We want to give drug users the chance to be human, we want to give them a voice.

Our membership includes active and non-active people who use drugs are done being humiliated by society.

We are tired of people being stigmatized for using drugs and we have set out to destroy the idea that drug use is wrong, bad, or criminal.

As of now, stimulant users have been left out of the opiate poisoning conversation. So have those many people who choose to use fentanyl. We want to bring their voices to the table.

We also must recognize that our youth use drugs.

We want to invite people to see that drug use doesn’t make one a monster or different person, and that drug users have honor and morality.

We want to recognize that it is scarcity that causes people to act in opposition to one another.

Finally, we want to say, “we all wanna’ get fucked up. Fuck you, we've got trauma too.”